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de problematiek van superstormen in België


Coastal protection


As sea level rises, expert thinking on shorelines has undergone big changes on how to best protect the shoreline.

According to research released in 2015 by Rachel Gittman, a post-doctoral researcher at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center, about 14 percent of the U.S. tidal shoreline has been hardened. But many now believe that softer shoreline defenses are better

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What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic...

The changing face of the Arctic due to climate change, including melting ice sheets and rising sea levels, will likely spur more extreme weather events in other parts of the world, including heat waves, storms, and other climatic phenomena, according to a new report released Tuesday by Greenpeace. 


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Belgische kust niet voldoende beschermd tegen superstormen

Het Masterplan Kustveiligheid moet worden aangepast zodat de Belgische kust beschermd is tegen een superstorm. Dat concludeert Steve Vandenberghe (sp.a), parlementslid en burgemeester van Bredene, uit het antwoord op een vraag aan bevoegd minister Ben Weyts

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